A Potion Story

Mrs Love & Mrs Pepper

Mrs pepper kept all her herbs in screw top jars on her shelves so that they were lined up and easy to use ...in fact Mrs Pepper loved knowing a bit about what herbs and aromas benefited her family and friends that she would frequently recommend them and read up on their uses in books on her sofa of an evening. Mrs Pepper used many of her kitchen ingredients to sooth and heal ailments from dry skin to sore fingers, this had been going on for years. Mrs Love knew this as she spent a great deal of time in Mrs Pepper's Kitchen.

Mrs Love harboured other talents and had a flare for enterprise and a love of packaging...in fact when Mrs Love came across a label or wrapper that she liked she would peel it off of the box or bottle it resided upon and pop it in her purse for safe keeping and inspiration for another day....Mrs Love's hallway table draw had become stuffed full of wrappers and labels- some fromnear by and some from far off places she had visited. Mrs Love had many enjoyments that were almost equal to her love of packaging, such as listening to rain before she got out of bed and walking in cities but it was hard to make a collection of these moments the way one can collect a label or wrapper.

Over a single cup of tea on a sunny morning these two ladies came upon their kitchen enterprise that combined their penchants for their preferred pursuits....'That's it Mrs Pepper!...its time to make soap and other such lovely potions!' exclaimed Mrs Love banging the kitchen table in delight, she then settled down to think about the colours and decoration to be used on the wrappers.